Meet Our Crew

Our crew, small yet mighty: we are wild thing searchers, finders, buyers, sellers, keepers, hoarders, collectors, admirers. We like anything old, anything funky, anything modern, anything wild, anything odd. We want to help you find all of the things that make your soul smile. We are where the wild things are.

Joshua Larson: owner, member of our crew

Joshua Larson
Finder/Seller/Keeper of Wild Things
I am the one that likes to keep things. Some call it hoarding, I call it collecting, obsessively. I like modern, funky, odd, eclectic and weird. I’m an eccentric old cat lady in the making.

David Wenzel: owner, member of our crew

David Wenzel
Finder/Seller/Keeper of Wild Things

I am the keen eye, with more retained knowledge in the back of my brain than anyone should ever have. I can recover knowledge about old things that I didn’t even know I had. I am the more reasonable of the two as I like to sell, except for Blenko Glass, give me all the Blenko Glass.

We love when people stop by our storefront to meet our crew, it is a large reason we set up shop. To share our passion and meet new people who like to reminisce and collect as much as us. We host monthly parties for this reason. We want people to feel like they are at home in the Wild Things Antiques space. We want people to envision our collection in their home, filling the walls and space with joy and warmth. Our crew searches high and low for pieces that will help you make your walls “the world all around”.

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