Wild Things Antiques: we buy, sell, trade and collect vintage and antiques. We are definitely not your Grandma’s antique shop, although she is more than welcome to come peruse.

Wild Things Antiques is a full service vintage and antique warehouse and online shop. The warehouse location in Fridley, Minnesota is home to a variety of wonders. It’s reminiscent of your crazy grandma’s basement. Wild Things has an eclectic mix of Seasonal Things, Glass and Other Breakables, Ethnographic Fare and PotteryPaintings and Wall Art, Kitchen Things, Furniture and Chairs, Oddities and Others, Outdoor and Garden fills the rest of their space.

Stay in touch with Wild Things Antiques on Facebook and Instagram as they are continuously hosting fabulous parties and get togethers.  Building community and celebrating diversity is a large part of their passion. Wild Things Antiques is gayly owned and operated and welcomes all walks.

Inside all of us is love. Inside all of us are Wild Things. 

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